Your direct support

Your donation causes positive changes directly for the kids in Addis Abeba. A filled stomach is the basis of good performances on the tennis court. Your donation enhances the nutrition of the children in the project.

As can be read throughout the homepage the educational value is of the same importance to the project as tennis itself. Your donation will be used to afford extra tuition and enhance the equipment of the library.

Especially talented and well advanced children like Yonas and Meron out of the first generation as well as Sara from the current generation shall be given the chance of a scholarship. Therefor your donation is essential.

Another important aspect that your donation is used for is health education and basic medical treatments. This comes along with further medical treatments like exceptional hospital stays that can only be paid for with you support.

To support the project by making a donation, you can use the form for an online-donation. If you prefer not to donate online, you can donate directly to the bank account of the friends' association.

Bank account of the friends' association of the TRC (registered association):
Corresponding Bank:  Volksbank Wiesloch
Account name:  Foerderverein TRC e.V.
International Bank Account Number: DE57 6729 2200 0027 9363 00
Bank Identification Code:    GENODE61WIE

Payment reference: donation TDKET