Yonas - an incredible talent

Due to Yonas' talent, coupled with a hard work ethic and the kind donation of a donor he is currently studying Economics at Louis Clark State College Idaho, USA.









Yonas has the best A-Level result of his whole form. This result gives him the chance for a scholarship at a university in the United States.

Tennis and good results in his TOEFL exam led to a 50% tennis scholarship at a United States University.


Due to the fact that Yonas is one of the most talented children in the program a private donor pays for him to go to a private school. He enrolls at Adinet international School.



Disater! While Yonas is in Germany, his home is destroyed by city developers. His family flee with only their most important possessions.



Yonas and five children TDKET travel to Nußloch, Germany. During the two weeks something becomes very clear to Yonas. He wants to come back again and again! Yes, every year!

Yonas receives an invitation to the USA. He has the opportunity to take part in the Orange Bowl, which is a prestigious international youth tennis tournament.


Yonas is one of the 12 children who are still in the project.

Yonas wins his first tournament at Hilton Head Hotel in Addis Abeba. The prize-money is 100 Birr (at that time 5 Euro). From that point he is the Bread-winner of his family.


A young Yonas is getting scouted by Tariku. He receives an invitation for special trials. His parents accompany him on this memorable day.

With the beginning of this project Yonas' day life is structured for the first time. Days start with tennis followed by school and then tennis again in the afternoon.


Yonas was born in Addis Abeba.